Classic style replica watches by changing the dial color

Replica Rolex hurriedly released its 2020 new products online in early September this year. Many styles are highly anticipated once they are released, and they are hard to find. Affected by the global epidemic this year, the Swiss Fake watches industry has suffered a huge setback, and its exports have fallen sharply year-on-year.

Although China's consumption power is getting stronger and stronger, replica watch sales are getting higher and higher, but the price increase and premium are not one of the highest. The changes between the new Submariner and the old one are not that big. To be precise, the disk has become black and the size has increased by one millimeter.

The green ceramic Cerachrom bezel, die-cast scales and numbers are plated with platinum using PVD coating technology, which is no different from the old model. Because of the expiration of the patent of the old 3135 movement, the new 3235 bidirectional automatic winding movement is equipped. Just such an ordinary steel watch with little change, or even a little suspected of fried leftovers, is not much more expensive than the gold style of the same series.

Ever since replica watches brands started marketing routines such as price increase or tie-in sales, most replica watch brands have not put their minds on new product development in recent years, but have changed their minds about how to cut leeks. They frequently take the previous classic styles by changing the color of the dial, or changing the size and the color of the three hands and the strap, and then take them out as new products for consumers, and even change them as "limited editions" because a certain color looks good.

Some time ago, a fan told me that my friends who started Submariners many years ago have been transferring them. I have always thought that replica watches are the same as wealth management products. It turns out that the initial stage of value preservation and appreciation is to have the ability to buy at the price