Sports replica watches with a more casual style

Many people have misunderstandings about "sports watches", thinking that they are watches worn during leisure and sports. But in fact, watch brands have never publicly stated that they have produced sports-style replica watches. This may be influenced by the predecessors of the bezel, "men need three watches", a formal watch, a lifestyle watch, and a sports replica Rolex watches. Express the influence of opinions.

Sports replica watches, but the style is more casual, generally have super waterproof performance. Just like a diving watch, swimming in summer is no problem. But waterproof does not contain hot water and water vapor. As long as it is a mechanical watch, it cannot be worn for strenuous exercise.

The more expensive the watch is, the more fragile it is and the more it needs to be carefully protected. Only old watch friends can understand the truth. Therefore, old watch friends will directly choose to wear the popular style with ETA movement, the material appearance is the same, and the effect is exactly the same when worn. The key is to be stable and worry-free, without being meticulous.

Sports watches in mechanical replica watches cannot be worn for sports, such as golf, badminton, basketball or even running. The shock and impact force of the moment of strenuous exercise may make the balance spring of the mechanical watch disorder, causing the watch to become too fast or even stop. If you accidentally let the shock absorber spring in the watch fall off, the pointer will fall off, which is even more deadly. The real outdoor sports watches are often very cheap electronic watches or quartz replica watches.