What kind of replica watch is a good watch

The appearance of a replica watch is not only about being beautiful. The case, dial, and strap should look harmonious and beautiful. At the same time, the case should be polished in place, and there should be no dull or sharp edges. At the same time, the engraved handwriting and pictures on the case should be clear and complete. If it is a normal-priced watch, the steel strap needs to be flexible and fit, and the leather strap needs to be comfortable to wear.

The second is the needle check. The hour and minute hands should be well coordinated. When the minute hand coincides with the "12" hour mark, the minute and hour hands should overlap and be aligned with the hour mark. Set the hour, minute, and second hands to the overlapping position, check replica Rolex the second hand and the glass; avoid rubbing between the hour hand and the dial and the three hands. This needs to be checked one by one at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. When the mechanical replica watch moves the hand counterclockwise, the second hand is allowed to stop or move back, but when the hand stops, the second hand should start moving away again.

Movement quality inspection. It is troublesome to check the movement. We can observe some important movement parts, such as shock absorbers. Different firms have different levels. Nowadays, the replica watch is more popular with back-through type. The parts that are easier to see are the escape wheel and the pallet fork. The middle and low-end movements use the copper pallet fork. The surfaces of the escape wheel and the pallet fork are not polished. The movement uses a steel pallet fork, (because of the low specific gravity of steel) the surface of the escape wheel and the pallet fork replica Rolex are polished, the steel parts are polished, and the movement plywood is modified and ground is a major feature of high and low replica watch movements.

Others, including calendar window, watch reliability, etc. For replica watches with calendar and weekly calendar display functions, when checking, there should be no half-character or no-character skipping, and the time of day skipping should be within 15 minutes before and after "0". The reliability of the replica watch refers to the fact that the watch must not be stopped under normal conditions of use, the parts must replica Rolex not fall off by itself, and the dial mechanism works reliably.