From replica Hublot to Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica Watches British pop star Ed Sheeran's favorite

Who dares to say that the youth is tasteless and does not know Edhiran. The young British singer may have a teenager's face and a strange hairstyle, but he wears an adult replica watch. In our previous articles, we have seen the wrists of Michael Jordan and Jason Statham, but these people are veterans. Ed Sheeran could have been one of those young RocknRollas and wouldn't bring any praise to horology, but he will come to us with a very interesting collection.

Ed Sheeran is a 24-year-old British pop singer, especially known for working with Taylor Swift. But this is not why he likes watches. In fact, his mother used to be a cultural charity actress, and the family runs a modern art consulting business, which may provide us with some clues. Living in the design and artistic environment is certainly the reason behind his watch selection: the iconic (or almost iconic) timepiece has powerful and recognizable code, design orientation and very cool factors.

The first watch found on Ed Sheeran's wrist is replica Hublot Big Bang. It may not be the most cautious option, but it is a design-oriented watch with classic clock codes. Surprisingly, this watch brand has become an idol in less than 10 years and has now been recognized by very large audiences, even non-fans. Using the concept of mixed materials (gold and ceramics, carbon fiber and rubber, etc.), the series is influenced by the boat window (French hublot), the same inspiration for Gerald Genta's Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak - one wants to be an idol The watch, which uses some iconic code. This may be the definition of a success story.

Now we are turning to the real Genta style. We told you that Ed Sheeran is used to living in a design-conscious, artistic environment, so the Audemars-Piguet Royal Oak is the quintessence of designer watches and a wise choice. The person he wears stands out from the crowd, indicating that he has a strong and firm taste. He has been found many times in live performances at the Royal Oak Offshore, a large sports version of the classic RO, featuring a special black DLC and orange version. The brand is a trend-setting brand as it creates the interest of the 1972 Royal Oak luxury sports watch and the large heavy-duty watch of the 42mm sea replica watches in 1993 - this is the proud move of Audemars-Piguet after more than 20 years of launch The number of fake Rolex watches that take into account their creative inspiration.

For celebrities, this seems to be an absolute must. Given the branding of watch brands and their overall quality, we cannot criticize such choices. Patek Philippe Nautilus has appeared on the wrists of Giorgio Chiellini and Jason Statham (the latter is wearing the Nautilus 5980 chronograph). And you won't be surprised that this watch is also the absolute classic of the watch world, and once again became the creation of Gerald Genta. The year it was launched in 1976, it was the main competitor of Audemars-Piguet's Royal Oak and the amazing move of its brand known for its small and gold-plated gown watches such as Calatrava or Perpetual Calendar. Ed Sheeran wears an elegant and sophisticated Patek Philippe sports watch

The last watch found on Sheeran's wrist is Richard Mille RM 030. We have seen that the watch brand can attract the attention of the stars, just as Martin Brundle collects them. At first glance, the RM 030 is a simple watch. But it is a RM, so it is also very complicated. First, it comes with a big date (emphasized in 7 windows) and a power reserve. But the most interesting feature is its automatic winding system. Richard Miller has developed a rotor that prevents excessive entanglement because it automatically separates from the winding mechanism when the spring is fully wound. Ed's is a limited edition in the United States, showing a black case made of carbon nanotubes and a few orange decorations on the dial and crown. It is only available at Richard Mille boutiques replica Audemars Piguet and authorized dealers in North and South America, producing only 30 pieces (retail price $130,000).